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For the purposes of this privacy policy, any references to Marla Bradeen also apply to Paige Sleuth and Paige Sleuth's pages on this website. The website, Marla Bradeen's and Paige Sleuth's readers' groups, and Marla Bradeen's blog are intended for users age 13 or older. If you are not at least 13 years of age, please do not continue using this site.

Readers' Group

Marla Bradeen and the website value your privacy. Marla Bradeen collects the email addresses of visitors who volunteer such information in order to join her and/or Paige Sleuth's readers' group. Readers' group members are agreeing to receive email updates whenever Marla Bradeen and/or Paige Sleuth has a new release or other book news to share. MailChimp is used as Marla Bradeen's and Paige Sleuth's marketing automation platform to collect and manage member-provided email addresses. By joining Marla Bradeen's and/or Paige Sleuth's readers' groups, you are acknowledging that the information you provide as well as any information possibly gleaned from your submission (such as your IP address and location) will be sent to MailChimp for processing and storage in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Although information stored with MailChimp is believed to be safe and secure, anyone providing their information is doing so at their own risk.

Information provided by visitors for the purposes of joining Marla Bradeen's and/or Paige Sleuth's readers' group is never sold or shared by Marla Bradeen or the website. Anyone who signs up for Marla Bradeen's and/or Paige Sleuth's readers' group is welcome to opt out at any time. An opt out or unsubscribe link is provided on all readers' group correspondence, or members can email and ask to be removed.


The website may contain a plug-in to Marla Bradeen's blog ( Marla Bradeen's blog is hosted by Blogger, which uses cookies and/or other methods to read and collect information related to site visitors. In addition, information submitted by blog visitors in order to comment on, share, and +1 posts may be visible to Marla Bradeen and others. However, no concerted effort by Marla Bradeen or the website is made to collect or use such information with the exception of selecting, contacting, and announcing giveaway winners who have voluntarily provided their names and email addresses for the purposes of entering a giveaway. Additional information about giveaways are included in the Giveaways section of this privacy policy.

Affiliate Links

Marla Bradeen is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, the Apple Services Performance Partners (Apple Books) Program, the Barnes & Noble affiliate program (powered by CJ Affiliate), the Kobo Rakuten Marketing affiliate program, the Google Play Affiliates program (powered by Partnerize), the affiliate program, and the Smashwords Affiliate Marketing Program, which means a tracking cookie may be used when you click on any link within the website. Furthermore, Marla Bradeen may earn a referral commission (at no cost to you) when you buy something through one of the website links. If you would prefer to bypass these affiliate links, please access your desired retailer website directly instead of using the links found on this website.


Marla Bradeen may run advertising campaigns at times on Facebook and other platforms. To facilitate that, a Facebook tracking pixel has been installed on this site, which monitors site activity from visitors for the purpose of displaying ads of potential interest to them later.


From time to time, Marla Bradeen may host giveaways on the website, Marla Bradeen's blog, social media, or elsewhere. Any information provided for the purpose of entry may be used by Marla Bradeen as stated in the giveaway terms, in order to validate entry qualifications, to announce the name(s) of the winner(s), or to distribute prize(s) won. This may include sharing your information with a third party (such as the post office or a book retail site) as necessary to purchase and/or distribute any prize(s) won. Marla Bradeen otherwise does not share or sell any information provided. Unless otherwise stated, all giveaways hosted by Marla Bradeen are governed by the following rules:

1) Open worldwide, but with the following restrictions:

a) Print book prizes are limited to countries where the Book Depository ships. Certain print book giveaways may be further restricted to the United States only, in which case this will be stated on the giveaway page.

b) Ebook prizes for books authored by someone other than Marla Bradeen or Paige Sleuth may be limited to those who can accept ebook gifts on,, and/or In the event where the ebook is available on, ebook winners must be willing to create a free account if they wish to collect their prize.

c) Audiobook prizes may be limited to those who can accept audiobook gifts on or

d) If no restriction details are stated for a specific giveaway, winners who cannot collect the advertised prize due to one or more of the restrictions described above will receive an alternate prize of Marla Bradeen's choosing.

2) Limited to entrants 18 years of age or older, or those of the legal age of majority as set by their state, jurisdiction, or country of residence.

3) Limited to entrants who are legally able to participate as per the rules and regulations established by their state, jurisdiction, or country of residence.

4) Winner(s) will be notified by email and must provide any information requested within 48 hours or any and all prizes won will be forfeited. Marla Bradeen is not responsible for undelivered or mis-filtered emails.

5) Although Marla Bradeen does her best to deliver the prize(s) as advertised, in the event that that is not possible, the winner(s) will receive an alternate prize of Marla Bradeen's choosing.

6) Marla Bradeen is not responsible for prizes lost or damaged during shipping.

7) Administered and sponsored solely by Marla Bradeen. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

8) Questions or requests for clarification can be directed to

Google and Other Sites

This website is hosted by Google Sites and may contain a plug-in to Marla Bradeen's blog, hosted by Blogger, links to Marla Bradeen's readers' group signup form, hosted by MailChimp, links to book and ebook retailers, and links to various social media platforms. This site may also be linked to Google Analytics, and information collected for analytical purposes is shared with Google. Google Sites, Blogger, MailChimp, Google Analytics, and other third-party organizations use cookies or other methods to read and collect information related to site visitors. While Marla Bradeen does not use this information personally, Marla Bradeen and the site do not have any control over the collection or use of this information by the other sites.