Choked in Cherry Hills
(Book 13)

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Fundraising can be fatal.

January's Furry Friends Foster Families animal rescue fundraiser turns deadly when the guest of honor ends up murdered. Now it's up to amateur detective Kat Harper to figure out who killed popular local radio personality John Sykes.

As Kat soon discovers, this isn't going to be a straightforward case. Between an ambitious coworker desperate to advance his career, a bevy of lovestruck fans, and an oddly frosty wife, John Sykes could have been targeted by practically anyone in attendance that night. To complicate matters further, the more Kat learns about the victim, the more she realizes he may have had a dark side hidden beneath his charming public persona.

Fortunately, Kat has a secret weapon in her sleuthing arsenal. His name is Sundae, and finding a home for the tabby cat with fudge- and caramel-colored markings may be the only way Kat can still salvage something from this tragic event. It also doesn't hurt that introducing him to prospective pet parents is a wonderful way to interview everyone on her lengthy suspect list.

She just has to be careful not to let the innocent feline fall into the hands of a killer, or else this may end up being the one case Kat regrets taking on for the rest of her life.

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