Cooked in Cherry Hills
(Book 36)

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The heat gets turned up on Kat Harper’s latest murder investigation when nabbing her cooking instructor’s killer means putting herself—and her cats—in a criminal’s crosshairs.

Cherry Hills amateur sleuth Kat Harper gets tossed into another murder mystery when her New Year's resolution to learn how to cook leads to enrolling in Chef Darlene Satterwhite's six-week adult education class. But Chef Darlene doesn't make it past the first lesson before she's found stabbed to death outside her restaurant.

Now instead of mastering use of a spatula, Kat's back to wielding a magnifying glass. But the small-town gumshoe detective may have bitten off more than she can chew with this case. Between rival chefs, upset coworkers, and a mysterious stalker, this suspect list is more loaded than a plate of nachos smothered with cheese and bacon. Lucky for Kat, a runaway gray cat leads her to what may be the only piece of evidence left behind at the scene of the crime. Will it be enough for Kat to identify "whodunit" and serve the killer their just desserts without getting smoked herself?

Expanded edition. First published with the Resolutions anthology.