Independence Day in Cherry Hills
(Book 24)

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Murder takes an explosive turn . . .

Fourth of July weekend turns deadly in Cherry Hills, Washington, when Kat Harper and her police detective boyfriend hear a gunshot in the midst of the neighborhood fireworks. A killer with a grudge has taken advantage of the small-town festivities to shoot a local divorce lawyer in cold blood.

Known as the "Clean 'Em Out King" for his ruthless ability to leave his clients' ex-spouses with piddling settlements, the late Jay LaPierre made a lot of enemies in his line of work. In fact, Kat is going to be hard-pressed to find someone upset over the small town's latest murder. Even Jay's wife Clarissa doesn't seem to be bothered by her new status as widow. And their tabby cat certainly isn't mourning Jay's death. He's too busy making sure nobody steals his favorite napping spot.

Between investigating Jay's murder and keeping an eye on a rambunctious rescue kitten named Clyde, Kat has her hands full this holiday. But the amateur sleuth is in for a huge surprise when one of the suspects makes a shocking confession. Now Kat's biggest fear isn't that Jay's killer will go free, but that the wrong person might end up doing time for the crime.