Valentine’s in Cherry Hills
(Book 15)

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Love hurts.

Kat Harper is in for a Valentine's Day surprise when her police detective boyfriend is spotted with another woman. Even more shocking, Kat soon discovers Andrew's mystery woman is her new neighbor, Sheila Smith.

Kat doesn't really believe Andrew would cheat on her, but that doesn't explain why he refuses to answer her questions about the clandestine encounter. Sheila doesn't seem inclined to talk either, not unless she's busy snubbing Kat's beloved cat Tom or criticizing the apartment building's security measures.

Yet, as much as Kat hates to admit it, Sheila may have a point. It isn't long before several neighborhood break-ins divert Kat's attention away from her personal problems. Now the amateur sleuth has her hands full working to find out who is wreaking havoc in Cherry Hills, Washington. She'd better tread carefully though, or she may soon yearn for the days when her love life was the only life on the line.