Crash in Cherry Hills
(Book 23)

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Southern charm meets small-town crime.

Amateur detective Kat Harper doesn't expect to be thrust into another murder investigation while car shopping with her friend and fellow animal rescue advocate Imogene Little. But when a fatal crash occurs right next to the family-owned Rockport Rides dealership and a severed brake line is determined to be responsible, she can't help but do a little sleuthing.

Lucky for Kat, she has no trouble locating a handful of suspects within the dealership's own showroom. Between feisty Southern belles, lovelorn customer service representatives, and sloppy mechanics on the verge of losing their jobs, plenty of people might have wanted to see the late owner dead. But is one of them guilty?

A friendly black stray cat named Moxie may know the answer to that question. Except Moxie is too busy hunting down treats to help with this particular homicide case. That means it's up to Kat and Kat alone to figure out "whodunit" before a killer gets away with murder.