Missing in Cherry Hills
(Book 22)

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This missing persons case hits incredibly close to home.

Kat Harper fears the worst when her friend and neighbor Janice Moseley goes missing. Worse yet, Janice's beloved Irish setter Bubbles is found wandering the apartment corridor alone. All evidence points to foul play, and Kat takes it upon herself to investigate once again.

It doesn't take long before the amateur detective discovers a few secrets Janice might have preferred to keep hidden. But did those secrets lead to Janice's disappearance? Or could her mysterious new boyfriend be responsible? Kat also can't discount the desperate singleton on the second floor and his obsession with the building's attractive dog owner.

The stakes only intensify when a disturbing piece of evidence surfaces, driving home the fact that Janice didn't leave willingly. Kat still has more questions than answers, but she knows she needs to act fast. It's a race against the clock as the Cherry Hills sleuth works to identify the guilty party and bring her friend home before Janice falls victim to a fate much worse than kidnapping.