Arson in Cherry Hills
(Book 19)

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Can Kat Harper solve this case without getting burned?

Kat Harper's morning walk is cut short when a nearby house goes up in flames. The traumatic incident leaves the Jefferson family homeless and devastated. Worse yet, the fire appears to be the result of an arson attack, spurring everyone to question who would do such a thing.

The more Kat learns, the more it seems the Jeffersons made a dangerous enemy. Could it be the estranged relative who finally decided to exact revenge over an unfair inheritance? A determined thief looking to cover up their criminal tracks? Or was it someone else entirely?

While Kat attempts to identify the guilty party, her tortoiseshell cat Matty has her paws full comforting the two youngest Jeffersons. But as Kat digs deeper, she might be the one who needs Matty's solace. It doesn't take long before another possible culprit emerges. And when it turns out this new suspect has personal ties to someone Kat cares for, the gumshoe detective might soon wish she had skipped the amateur sleuthing just this once.