Cherry Hills Case Files: Holiday Holdup
(Book 2)

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Cherry Hills Case Files: Holiday Holdup, Cozy Cat Caper Mystery Short Story, Book 2

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Santa knows when he's been naughty . . .

Imogene Little doesn't expect to be held at gunpoint during a routine bank visit, but that's exactly what happens when an opportunistic robber dressed as Santa Claus decides to make an unauthorized withdrawal on Christmas Eve 1999.

Traumatic as it is, Imogene has no time to dwell over the harrowing ordeal. An abandoned black cat needs a helping hand, and animal-loving Imogene has never been one to turn her back on a kitty in crisis. But she may be in for a seasonal surprise when her rescue mission puts her in the path of the Yuletide criminal she had hoped never to see again.

Previously published as part of the Festive Mayhem anthology.

Also Available in Audio (AI/Auto-Narrated)