Orphaned in Cherry Hills
(Book 17)

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When the past and the present collide . . .

Kat Harper doesn't anticipate being dragged into an unsolved cold case when a friend asks her to meet with a difficult student. Now the more Kat learns about Julie Conway, the more convinced she becomes that all of the sixteen-year-old's problems began with the shocking murder of her mother four years earlier.

It seems to Kat the best thing she can offer the lost teenager is closure by figuring out exactly what happened that fateful night. But how on earth can she expect to identify the killer after so many years have passed? Kat doesn't know, but she has no other option except to try, not when the aftershocks of Carolyn Conway's tragic death continue to ripple throughout the lives of everyone she left behind.

What Kat doesn't realize is this case is about to get personal. As she works to piece together the events of four years ago, the gumshoe detective might just end up coming face-to-face with someone from her own troubled past. And, with any luck, she'll live to tell the tale.