Trapped in Cherry Hills
(Book 21)

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TNR is a proven strategy for controlling the feral cat population—almost as effective as murder for eliminating unwanted neighbors.

Kat Harper's friend and fellow animal rescue advocate Imogene Little has spent her entire life defending animal rights. So it's no surprise when their latest mission to neuter an undomesticated tom results in some harsh words exchanged between Imogene and a bitter homeowner named Lenora who doesn't believe feral cats are worth saving. The altercation would normally be a minor blip in their day, but things take a turn for the worse when Lenora winds up dead mere hours after the argument—and she didn't perish from natural causes.

Much to Imogene's chagrin, the police identify her as a person of interest in their homicide case. But Imogene isn't the only one with motive. Between a euphoric elderly gentleman planning a celebration to commemorate his wretched neighbor's untimely demise, a young couple often targeted by Lenora over noise violations, and the victim's sister who is set to inherit everything, Kat doesn't have any trouble locating additional suspects. The question is, which one is the true murderer?

With so many potential killers to consider, Kat is going to need all of her amateur detective skills to figure out "whodunit" this time. She just hopes she can clear her friend's name before Imogene's relationship with the Cherry Hills Police Department—and its unmarried chief—is destroyed forever.