Burglary in Cherry Hills
(Book 35)

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Burglary in Cherry Hills: A Christmas Cozy Cat Caper Mystery Book 35

$5.99 USD

A holiday Grinch is out to steal Christmas from the animals.

The Furry Friends Foster Families December Donation Drive is in full swing when Kat Harper and her friend Imogene Little receive a devastating blow. A Christmas quilt set to bring in a lot of money for the rescue animals of Cherry Hills, Washington, has been stolen.

It isn't long before several seasonal suspects emerge, each with more motive than the last. And as much as Kat doesn't want to believe one of 4F's foster parents might be responsible for betraying the nonprofit organization, it's a possibility she can't ignore.

The only trouble is, nobody knows exactly how the quilt ended up in the burglar's hands. With no sign of forced entry, is this a true locked-room mystery or a much more straightforward "whodunit"? Kat's not sure, but when 4F is targeted a second time, the amateur sleuth realizes she needs to wrap up this investigation quickly if she doesn't want the guilty party to strike again.