Blind Justice

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Blind Justice, A Cozy Mystery Novel

$7.99 USD

How far will she go for justice?

Haley Winequest will do anything to avenge her fiancé's premature death, including going after the people who sold him inferior marijuana. Armed with the knowledge that the narcotics group operates out of Sobaco, Oregon, Haley moves to the small town. Her decision pays off when her first romp through the woods leads her to not only the marijuana plants but a member of the drug ring. Unfortunately, identifying the man proves more complicated than she expects.

But Haley refuses to give up. Once she learns her incompetent neighbor serves on the local police force, Haley embarks upon her own investigation. Pretty soon Haley's amateur sleuthing has her questioning everything about the case. And if she's not careful, her snooping could turn her into a murder victim.

(Previously published as Secret Agenda.)