Recalled in Cherry Hills
(Book 32)

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Small-town politics can be murder.

A local election for district court judge turns deadly when one of the candidates winds up shot in his own home. Now it's up to amateur sleuth Kat Harper to find out "whodunit."

When it comes to drug offenses, Judge Buck Metzger is a known advocate for rehabilitation over incarceration. His stance is a major reason why he's pulled ahead in the small-town race—until a bullet stops him dead. Now Kat has to question whether his outlook—or someone he sentenced to court-ordered treatment—might be responsible for his downfall. Then again, he could just as easily have been murdered by a resentful opponent caught up in a devastating scandal. And Kat certainly can't discount Judge Metzger's rebellious daughter as a suspect, not when she's set to inherit everything her father owned.

Whatever it takes, Kat is determined to uncover the truth. And with some help from her furry feline friends, she might just thwart a killer's plan to skirt the wheels of justice.