Bad Blood in Cherry Hills
(Book 34)

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Therapy can kill.

It's Thanksgiving, and Kat Harper's glamorous mother Maybelle is back in Cherry Hills, Washington. But her return isn't the joyous holiday reunion Kat had hoped for, not when Maybelle ends up becoming the prime suspect in a brutal murder. To make matters worse, the victim is none other than Kat's psychotherapist, Dr. Deana Dietrich.

Kat can't deny her mother has secrets, but she also doesn't believe Maybelle is a killer. Luckily, there are other suspects to consider, like Dr. D's mysterious new boyfriend, an unstable patient or two, and the man who sent the victim a smitten love letter mere days before her death. Any one seems capable of committing a crime of passion, and Kat is determined to find out which one is guilty.

But Kat isn't the only one actively working to figure out "whodunit." Her mother has taken it upon herself to do some amateur sleuthing of her own, and Maybelle's tactics aren't exactly on the right side of the law. Now Kat fears if she can't identify the killer soon, her mother just might end up staying in Cherry Hills for much longer than anticipated—and she'll be eating her next turkey dinner wearing an orange jumpsuit.