Checked Out in Cherry Hills
(Book 25)

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You're never too old to be murdered . . .

An unexpected floral delivery sparks panic when Kat Harper spies lilies within the mix. She's well aware that lilies kill cats, but she never dreams her decision to donate the lethal bouquet to a retirement home will thrust her into another murder investigation. That's exactly what happens though when one of the elderly residents is found dead shortly after Kat's arrival—and Eugenia Pierce's passing isn't from natural causes.

With the surviving residents acting as though they're part of an unscripted Murder, She Wrote episode, Kat has her hands full trying to figure out "whodunit." Luckily, the amateur sleuth's tortoiseshell cat Matty proves to be a big hit in her undercover role as therapy animal. While the seniors are busy fawning over their four-legged visitor, they're also filling Kat in on all of the latest gossip, including Eugenia's romantic interest in the home's most eligible bachelor.

But despite how the feisty widows may have been eager to eliminate their prime competition for the affections of the octogenarian "house hottie," they're not the only ones with motive. As it turns out, Eugenia exchanged some harsh words with the staff shortly before her death. And Kat can't discount Eugenia's daughter Ingrid either, not when the unemployed technology guru is due to inherit all of her mother's assets.

The abundance of suspects won't deter Kat though. She's determined to figure out who, exactly, is guilty. And when she does, she'd better hope she doesn't become the next victim.