Overdosed in Cherry Hills
(Book 20)

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When DVM stands for Dead and Very Murdered . . .

Kat Harper discovers murder and mayhem when she accompanies her boss Maura O'Malley to a local veterinary office. This time the victim is one of the vet techs, and somehow Kat finds herself involved in yet another homicide case.

It isn't long before the police peg the practice's beloved veterinarian as the suspected killer. But is Dr. Mark truly guilty? There's no chance, according to one vocal staff member. Then again, he was found holding the purported murder weapon. Or could he simply have been in the wrong place at the wrong time?

It will take some amateur sleuthing to find out what really happened. Luckily, Kat and her two feline sidekicks are up to the task. Kat had better hope the killer doesn't get wind of her investigation though, or she might soon be Dead and Very Murdered herself.