Vanished in Cherry Hills
(Book 4)

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Is it possible to track down someone who doesn't want to be found?

Kat Harper spent most of her childhood in foster care, being raised by strangers while the woman who gave her life quietly slipped into the shadows. Now in her thirties, Kat longs to locate the mother she barely remembers.

Little does she know, so do the police.

It turns out, Kat's mother is suspected of a crime that's gone unsolved for thirty years. And if Kat is successful in her quest, her mother might reenter her life only to spend her remaining years behind bars.

Torn between her greatest wish and her biggest fear, Kat's not sure what to do. Living in darkness for another thirty years isn't an option, but will her need for answers end up forever alienating the one person she yearns to connect with most?

Also Available in Audio (AI/Auto-Narrated)