Drowned in Cherry Hills
(Book 16)

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When the dead man's float isn't for survival . . .

Kat Harper's morning workout takes a sinister turn when she discovers the lifeless body of Ellie Higgins in the gym pool. All evidence points to murder, and the amateur detective soon finds herself submerged in another homicide investigation.

With her exercise plans derailed, Kat heads to the victim's house to take Ellie's newly orphaned Maine Coon cat into protective custody. But she receives her second surprise of the day when she inadvertently interrupts a burglary in progress. Is the break-in related to Ellie's murder, or did an opportunistic thief merely decide to take advantage of the late homeowner's permanent absence? Kat's not sure, but she's determined to find out.

She had better be careful though. When the killer realizes Kat is getting close to uncovering the truth, the small-town sleuth's New Year's resolution to get into shape may turn into a death sentence. And, unfortunately for Kat, this is one time when her cats won't be around to save her.