Halloween in Cherry Hills
(Book 7)

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Halloween has arrived in Cherry Hills, Washington—the worst time of the year for a black cat to disappear.

Coming home to discover a beloved fur baby has gone missing is every pet parent's worst nightmare. But that's exactly what happens to Cherry Hills High School teacher Tracy Montgomery. The question is, did Midnight escape, or was he catnapped?

With all evidence suggesting the friendly black cat didn't sneak out on his own, Kat Harper and her fellow Furry Friends Foster Families animal rescue volunteers take it upon themselves to locate the elusive feline and reunite him with his frantic owner. Unfortunately, their only leads turn out to be a scrap of paper and the neighborhood witch's cryptic vision. But the lack of clues isn't going to deter Kat. Halloween is fast approaching, and giving up now could very well mean letting an animal thief triumph.

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