Fatal Fête in Cherry Hills
(Book 18)

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Getting older is murder.

Cherry Hills Police Chief Kenny wants nothing more than to celebrate his 55th birthday with a thick, juicy steak. Alas, that dream is shattered when his friend and animal rescue maven Imogene Little organizes a vegan get-together in his honor. But the caterer's spread isn't the most appalling part of the evening. When Chief Kenny's brother-in-law Landon Tabernathy ends up murdered, the police chief's four bickering sisters are all pegged as prime suspects.

With Chief Kenny sitting out this investigation thanks to his personal ties to the case, it's up to amateur sleuth Kat Harper to find out "whodunit." And as much as she hates the possibility, it's looking quite likely one of Chief Kenny's sisters might, in fact, be guilty. The siblings share a complicated history—one that stars Landon at its turbulent center.

Unfortunately for Kat, she isn't the only one working to solve the case. This homicide may be the lucky break a beat cop with high career aspirations needs to prove he's worthy of a promotion. And if Kat doesn't identify the real killer in time, the detective wannabe might just succeed in his efforts to pin the small town's latest murder on its resident gumshoe.