Arrested in Cherry Hills
(Book 33)

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Welcome to Cherry Hills, small town and . . . criminal hideout?

It's a typical Monday workday for Kat Harper—until the police storm into her office building and arrest a new employee for a three-year-old murder. Zack Lawson swears he didn't do it, but is he telling the truth?

With Zack's plea of innocence ringing in her ears, Kat naturally can't help but investigate. And while she hates to think someone else she works with might be guilty instead, she soon discovers nearly everyone has a personal agenda that makes them a viable suspect. Between conniving coworkers and disappearing documents, Kat's not sure how she'll ever solve this case. Will this be the end of her long crime-fighting spree, or will her furry feline sidekicks come through and help her to figure out "whodunit" once more?