Fatal Fire

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Fatal Fire, A Cozy Mystery Novel

$7.99 USD

All Amy Wagner wants to do is find out who murdered her sister. Is that too much to ask?

Unfortunately, life is conspiring against her. Not only is Amy one of the few who believes Gina's fatal fire was more than a tragic accident, but her amateur sleuthing keeps getting interrupted by two parents who can't get along and one ultra-demanding bridezilla.

Luckily, she does find one ally: Trent Steinbeck, Gina's former colleague. As Trent and Amy work to uncover what really happened that fateful night, Amy finds her attraction deepening as much as their investigation. But to get to the truth, Trent may need to put himself in danger. And if they can't figure out what's going on before he becomes the killer's next victim, Amy might soon find herself seeking justice for two deaths.