Targeted in Cherry Hills
(Book 30)

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Criminals don't take weekends off.

Kat Harper doesn't expect to arrive at Jessie's Diner one Sunday morning only to discover somebody broke into the popular Cherry Hills, Washington restaurant. A bit of snooping soon reveals the culprit could be anyone from an opportunistic thief, to an angry ex-employee, to a dark-haired stranger with a dangerous crush on the restaurant's single owner.

With no other clues to go on besides a few dozen broken eggs left behind by the careless intruder, Kat's not sure how she'll ever solve this case. And the amateur sleuth's two cats can only assist so much when they're busy solving a mystery of their own concerning a missing treat bag hidden in an unknown location. But, with or without her feline sidekicks, Kat knows she has to wrap up her investigation soon. When the restaurant becomes the target of another unwelcome attack, it quickly becomes apparent the guilty party plans to escalate his criminal behavior until he finally gets what he wants.