Thanksgiving in Cherry Hills
(Book 9)

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Thanksgiving is a time for crime in Cherry Hills, Washington.

Kat Harper expects her biggest Thanksgiving challenge to be coming up with an edible vegan pumpkin pie, but that all changes when a woman is mugged outside her apartment building. Unfortunately, Sylvia Garcia isn't the only victim of this cruel act. Sylvia had only just finished food shopping on behalf of a local homeless shelter before she was attacked, and the thief made off with all her spoils. Now it's questionable whether the less fortunate residents of Cherry Hills will have much to be thankful for this holiday season.

Lucky for them, Kat's on the case. With a heaping scoop of amateur sleuthing, a pinch of determination, and a dollop of assistance from her two justice-seeking felines, Kat won't stop investigating until she's identified the guilty party. And, just maybe, she can help to put a family back together in the process.

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