Slain in Cherry Hills
(Book 28)

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There's a killer loose in Cherry Hills, and it's up to Kat Harper to bring the guilty party to justice.

Furry Friends Foster Families is in the business of saving lives, not solving murders. Yet that's exactly what treasurer Kat Harper finds herself doing in the middle of the animal rescue organization's end-of-summer fundraising drive. A dead body has turned up in the woods of a local park, and it's pretty clear Savannah Newton didn't die from natural causes.

Between workplace rivalries and rocky romances, Kat soon discovers that Savannah's life was fraught with conflict. But just because someone has motive doesn't mean they're guilty. And if the amateur sleuth wants to solve this particular case, she's going to need to dig a little deeper . . . or else Savannah's killer might just get away with murder.