Stabbed in Cherry Hills
(Book 8)

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Job hunting can be murder.

Kat Harper wants nothing more than to forget about her disastrous job interview, but that's pretty hard to do when your interviewer turns up dead. Now Kat's search for employment has turned into a search for a killer.

As Kat soon discovers, she has her work cut out for her. Leo Price left behind quite a few enemies, including a struggling former business partner and a bevy of ex-girlfriends. But the amateur sleuth isn't going to let the abundance of suspects discourage her. While she labors to find temporary accommodations for Stumpy, Leo's gray Manx cat, she's also sniffing out as many clues as she can. She'd better hope the wrong person doesn't catch wind of her investigation though, or it may be up to her furry feline pals to save her from tragedy once more.

Also Available in Audio (AI/Auto-Narrated)