Hit & Run in Cherry Hills
(Book 11)

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When death imitates art . . .

Cherry Hills resident Kat Harper finds herself embroiled in another murder investigation when a local artist is run down in the street. There's no question this was a deliberate act, but who was behind the wheel?

Between a money-hungry gallery owner, a brooding rival painter, and the victim's jealous sister, Kat's not sure who had more motive. And, unfortunately, nobody appears to have gotten a good look at the driver—except perhaps for an extremely territorial white cat named Clover. But Clover is too busy guarding his favorite chair to reveal "whodunit."

That means it's up to Kat and Kat alone to track down this latest killer. Will the amateur detective succeed, or will this be the case that finally stumps her?

Also Available in Audio (AI/Auto-Narrated)